It's my first time, what should I expect?

Initial Consultation

Prior to your first treatment, I will conduct a health and lifestyle consultation lasting around 30-minutes which will include your medical history detailing your past or present conditions and also allow me to gain a sense of what your overall hopes are from your treatment. It will also highlight any contraindications. All information provided will be confidential.

I will also explain a bit about how reflexology works, its benefits, what healing reaction you might encounter and how the treatments will be carried out.

How the treatment begins

I will ask you to make yourself comfortable on the reflexology chair (removing only your footwear if its foot reflexology being performed). Once you are warm and comfortable, I will arrange to have some relaxing music playing in the background, adjust the lighting and ask you to close your eyes and quieten your mind.  I will then begin the treatment by refreshing your feet/hands, and taking a foot/hands assessment.  This is simply just to look at the colour, temperature, tone, and flexibility of your feet/hands.  I will then moisturise both feet/hands using an organic, vegan-friendly cream and perform a short massage on each foot/hand to warm and loosen the tension in your feet and ankles/ hands and wrists and to encourage relaxation.  I will then begin the reflexology treatment where firm but gentle pressure will be applied to the feet or hands ensuring the pressure applied is comfortable as some reflex points might be tender or painful when stimulated which could indicate an imbalance or issue in the body. The reflexologist will adjust the pressure applied in every instance.

After the treatments clients report feeling a deep state of relaxation and overall sense of wellbeing (see what people are saying here)

Does it hurt?

A reflexology treatment should not be painful. It involves firm but gentle pressure applied to the feet or hands. Some reflex points might be tender or painful when stimulated which could indicate an imbalance or an issue in the body. The reflexologist will adjust the pressure applied in every instance.

Are there any side-effects?

After the treatment, it is helpful to allow time for a drink of water and give yourself a few moments before leaving to continue with your day.

Possible Healing Reactions

Reflexology stimulates the body’s own healing response, there are sometimes healing reactions to reflexology that can occur during or after the treatment this is because toxins accumulate in the tissue throughout the body and by stimulating the reflex points it can dislodge from the tissue and be released into the bloodstream to be eliminated by the body. Healing reactions could include the following:

  • Changes in your energy levels, resulting in either increase in tiredness/or feeling more energised
  • Feeling light-headed/headache
  • Heightened emotional reaction
  • Light nausea
  • Runny nose/sneezing
  • More frequent urination (urine may be darker and stronger smelling)
  • Increase/change in bowel habits
  • Breakout of skin blemishes

While not common, they are all normal healing reactions and usually pass 48-hours after treatment.  They can usually be minimised by increasing your fluid intake and allowing yourself more rest.

How many treatments will I need?

This really depends on your individual circumstances as everyone is different
and will respond in their own way to the treatment. This could be as often as every other day, weekly,
twice a week, once a month etc. We will review and revise your
treatment plan at regular intervals.

Does reflexology help every condition?

Reflexology is very beneficial for a variety of ailments and relaxation. Please see the Benefits page for details. However, a doctor’s consent may be required for certain conditions, for example, diabetes, heart conditions, recent injuries or surgeries. Please contact me for further information.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, all products used are certified organic and vegan-friendly.

What's the difference between Reflexology and a foot massage?

A foot/hand massage would be for relaxation purposes only whilst reflexology provides relaxation as well as helping the body to rebalance and heal itself by improving and optimising your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I don't like my feet being touched, can I still receive reflexology?

The reflexologist applies firm but gentle pressure to prevent the feet from being ticklish. Hand treatments can be provided for those who have contraindications like foot injuries or for those who wish to just have hand treatments however, foot reflexology has been shown to be more effective.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or Bank transfer

Do you sell gift-cards?

Yes, these can be collected in person or posted to you.

What areas do you cover?

Tyne and Wear area

Is there anything I need to know before treatment?

In the interest of hygiene please ensure your feet and/or hands are clean prior to treatment.

If you are a smoker could you please refrain from smoking at least one hour prior to your treatment.

For Parent and Child treatments the parent must remain in the room at all times whilst the child is receiving treatment.

What insurance do you have?

I am registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapists and I am fully insured with Hiscox

Can I receive reflexology through my health insurance?

Some personal health-care plans do cover reflexology treatments but may only be valid following a GP referral. As all plans vary, please consult your health-care provider.

What is the difference between a clinical reflexologist and a 'regular' reflexologist?

A clinical reflexologist is trained to the highest level available in the UK (level 5) and has in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology as well as vast research into the study of reflexology using a wide range of reflexology techniques that are tailored to your needs. A ‘regular’ reflexologist may lack the level of skill and knowledge required for you to fully benefit from the treatment.