I highly recommend a course of reflexology with Suzan it is amazing...... I suffer from sciatica and osteoarthritis and I found the sessions greatly improved my mobility. Suzan is very professional, the sessions were totally relaxing and very beneficial.

I've suffered with IBS for many years and find that reflexology really helps. Whenever it flares up I see Suzan and almost immediately there is relief. It also works wonders with my inability to stay asleep. I would not hesitate to recommend Suzan.

I had hand reflexology following a bunion operation on my feet, it was strange how my thumb matched the pain in my big toe. The reflexology helped relieve the pain I was experiencing and will hopefully speed up the recovery.

I would recommend Suzan for reflexology. She is very experienced and efficient, and well organised and you get value for your money. I was not feeling well with a stomach bug and suzan preformed reflexology on my feet it then disappeared. It made me feel very relaxed and I felt like I could walk on air and it took all the stress away what I was feeling. I would recommend Suzan for reflexology to all my friends to eliminate the pain and stress of life. Thank you.

I attended 10 sessions of reflexology delivered by Suzan and I was astonished at how relaxed I felt (falling asleep each time in fact!!). I have been suffering with stress for several months and I found the sessions helped enormously with relaxation, reducing anxiety and improving my sleep patterns. Suzan was very professional, and the aftercare was great. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like a boost to their system and I am making this a regular part of my own self-care regime.

Thank you, Suzan, for the reflexology treatments. I am really feeling the benefits especially in my shoulders. You made me feel so relaxed and put my mind at ease, I felt very comfortable sharing stuff with you. I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends.

I’ve had Reflexology in the past but with Suzan I felt like she had the magic touch and was hitting all the right areas in my feet. I loved the reflexology session it was so relaxing, i felt the difference straight away and felt like I was walking on air. I had the best night sleep in a long time! If you haven’t tried reflexology before then you must give Suzan a try. Thank you, I will be back for more top up treatments!