Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology

I am professionally trained to provide maternity reflexology in all three trimesters of pregnancy. I am trained in which areas to stimulate and which areas to avoid. I can also include Chinese Acupressure (no needles) in the treatment for greater outcomes.

Pregnancy is such a special time for both mother and baby. Pregnancy/Maternity reflexology can be used throughout your pregnancy and can help you relax deeply and connect with your baby.

Throughout pregnancy many changes take place in your body, hormonally, emotionally and physically. Reflexology works to keep your body in balance and is great at reducing stress and aiding relaxation.

Reflexology may help with the following pregnancy related conditions:

Back ache
Anxiety and stress
Oedema (Fluid retention)
Heartburn and acid-reflux
Pelvic girdle pain

Preparation for birth

Acupressure techniques are used in the treatment to encourage and prepare the body for labour. There is research to suggest that when having pregnancy reflexology it helps with reducing labour pain and the length of time women spent in labour.

I could help with anxiety and fear of child birth during the first stage of labour and after your delivery to help with low mood, tiredness, to restore balance and enhance physical and emotional well-being after the birth of your baby.

Reflexology is safe throughout pregnancy (I am qualified and insured to provide treatment in all stages of pregnancy).
However, there are certain conditions which are contraindications to treatment which include: pre-term labour, history of miscarriage, placenta praevia (low-lying placenta), hydroamnios (excess amniotic fluid around the baby after 32 weeks gestation), women with a risk of pre-eclampsia or women with a risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Please feel free to contact myself or your midwife directly if you are not sure if reflexology is suitable for you.

Further research:

Significantly reduced pain during labour and reduced the length of the first stage of labour
Improved quality of sleep in post-natal women
Significantly reduced the second stage of labour by 44.3 minutes
Reduced pain and stress levels for women with low back pain or pelvic girdle pain
Reduce anxiety in labour

Postnatal Reflexology

After the triumph of birth, you can be left feeling exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, sore and emotional. Reflexology is a wonderful treatment for post –natal recovery regardless of whether you had a natural/straight forward birth or a traumatic one.

Reflexology after the birth can be very beneficial in re-balancing hormone levels and to help heal the body. It can help regain equilibrium to your body which has been through huge physical and emotional change for nine months. Some symptoms reflexology can help with at this time are:

Balancing hormones
Aches & pains
Emotional support, including easing anxiety and postnatal depression
Easing breast feeding discomforts and encouraging lactation
Low energy
Helping with digestive problems and constipation
Assisting recovery following an epidural/caesarian section
Perineal pain (to encourage tissue repair and blood flow)
Support as your menstrual cycle returns to normal
For new mums to be I offer a special Birth Preparation Package – pay for 4 treatments in advance and get 1 free – 4 to be taken before the birth to relax and prepare you for the big event and the final treatment to be taken after the birth.

Further research:

Improved quality of sleep in post-natal women
Effects of Foot-Reflexology Massage on Fatigue, Stress and Postpartum Depression in Postpartum Women

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